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What we managed to achieve so far:



Crucial partnership with "B1 Association"

We are proud to announce our key partnership with B1 Associacion for years to come

What are your plans for 2017?

We want to push one more Android update in October and we would love to deploy our game on iOS this Christmas. Follow us on Twitter or Facebook. We will keep you updated.

Is it really, new kind of strategy game?

All other strategy games are based on HEX maps or tiles seen from different perspectives. We decided to invent something new! We have found a way to use the most beautiful shape in the!

This is why our strategy is rounded ;)

Did you really start back in 2014?

Take a look at this kickstart video. "Rounded Strategy" was called "Napoleonian" that time. We knew exactly, where we were heading from the very beggining! Compare our plans to what we have achieved so far!

We even had some first press coverage ;)

  • "Love this game Reminds me so much of my childhood and it was awesome"

    D4RKS33R 115

  • "Love it Mainly because they are not trying to rip us off like all the other micro transaction games. Micro transaction games should banned."

    Gareth Evans

  • "Simple, challenging, and entertaining Really like where this game is at, as well as heading! My only thing is I want to be able to pick the troops I'm bringing into campaign battles, as well as their initial deployment. Even if that meant having a fog of war and having limited view of enemy formations. Other wise thoroughly enjoy it!"

    Kevin Baker

  • "Have'nt played the game yet but... I feel like this is gonna be a good one. No premium currency = No bullshit"

    Tramyer Ironic


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